Student Testimonials

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“Not only did I learn about myself and my own limits, but I also had the chance to learn more about the Grand Canyon and better understand its evolution, the various types of rock formations, and received a firsthand look at the wildlife.”
-Elise, Grand Canyon, 2007

“I only hope that he [Mr. Sweeney] continues to take kids just like myself to the Grand Canyon so they too can experience how amazing the place really is. I hope that they can feel how I felt when it ‘clicked’ for me, when nature became a part of my life, something I truly appreciate and see the beauty in.”
-Aaron, Grand Canyon, 2007

“I came out with a better understanding of my conscience, a stronger reliance on my self sufficiency, and a renewed urge to further develop my sense of adventure and contribution to my peers.”
-Jacob, Grand Canyon, 2011

“Our guide said that our group gave him hope for the future, but I think it was this trip that would shape us into the kind of people that could and would do something of importance for our future.”
-Hannah, Yosemite, 2012

“Hiking….with a 25lb backpack with fellow Roanoke Catholic classmates taught me that nature is my best friend for life! After my hike at Yosemite, my character and heart changed.”
-Michelle, Yosemite, 2012

“My experience in Yosemite allowed me to grow as a person and realize that life is too short to never push your boundaries or do something completely outside of my comfort zone.”
-Ava, Yosemite, 2012

“Being able to look around and fall in love with where you are and the people you are with, is what it feels like to be truly happy.”
-Danielle, St. John, 2014

“Seeing Half Dome for the first time made me realize just how small we really are in this land of giants.”
-Patrick, Yosemite, 2014

“I found my inner strength, made new connections with people, and realized that many everyday struggles and commodities truly amount to nothing.”
-Caleb, Yosemite, 2014

“Life without risk lacks real beauty. You just need to conquer your fears in order to find it.”
-Ann Clare, St. John, 2014